USA Surrogacy Pathway

Many UK parents choose to go to the USA for surrogacy because it offers certainty, experience and legally-recognised surrogacy agreements. 

Our US Surrogacy Pathway aims to make US surrogacy manageable for UK parents.

Getting to know you


The first step in our US Surrogacy Pathway is a face-to-face meeting with your Brilliant Beginnings client manager.  We will explain the US surrogacy process clearly, break down the different elements involved and help you budget realistically.

We will continue to support you with planning your US surrogacy journey, making sure you have understood everything and there are no missing pieces of the jigsaw.

Choosing your US surrogacy professional partners


You will need a team of trusted US surrogacy professionals, including a surrogacy agency (which will find and screen your surrogate), a fertility clinic (which will provide your IVF treatment) and a US attorney (who will help with your surrogacy agreement and any legal process to make you your child’s legal parent under US law).

We will work with you to match you with the right US surrogacy partners.  We know the choice can be overwhelming, so we do the vetting for you.  Our advice comes from our long experience working with UK parents conceiving through US surrogacy and our team’s visits to the US.  We do not have financial arrangements with any US professionals so our advice is independent.

We will be part of your initial calls or Skype meetings, and help you decide who to work with.

UK surrogacy law advice


We will also arrange a legal review for you with our sister organisation, specialist surrogacy law firm NGA Law, at no additional cost.

We will make sure you fully understand what you need to do to ensure your child is British and you are recognised as legal parents in the UK as well as the USA.

Support through the US surrogacy process


If you opt for our enhanced service, we will continue to be your trusted point of contact in the UK, managing your surrogacy journey, making sure you don’t miss anything, supporting your decision-making and answering your questions. 

We will give you practical and emotional support through the creation and transfer of your embryos (including selecting your egg donor, if relevant), being matched with a surrogate, dealing with the US legal process, the pregnancy, the birth and bringing your baby home. 

Our enhanced service also includes continuing legal support from NGA Law to review your US surrogacy contracts and guide you on UK legal issues.  NGA Law can also provide services to represent you in your parental order application after the birth, but this is optional.

From our families created through US surrogacy

Thank you all at Brilliant Beginnings, who guided and supported me so well through what turned out to be a truly wonderful American surrogacy.

Single dad

A huge thank you for all your invaluable help and advice, for being with us every step of the way and helping us bring our daughter into the world. What an amazing journey it’s been! 

Different-sex parents through US surrogacy

Our US Surrogacy Pathway services cost £6,000 plus VAT for our basic service or £9,000 plus VAT for our enhanced service.  Our fee covers our costs for providing the service on a non-profit basis, and includes UK legal advice.

We will help you budget for all the other costs, including US professional and medical fees, surrogate and egg donor compensation, health insurance and personal travel and accommodation, as well as any UK legal fees following the birth.

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