UK Surrogacy Pathway

Unfortunately, the shortage of UK surrogates means that we are not always able to take new applications from intended parents.  At present we are closed to new applications (although our other surrogacy pathways, support service and options reviews are available).

You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to know when we are accepting more applications.  In the meantime, we are working hard to screen surrogates and support the intended parents we are working with.

Our UK Surrogacy Pathway is unique in the UK. We offer one-to-one matching with a screened and prepared UK surrogate and a fully-managed professional service designed to keep you and your surrogate as safe as possible.

Trust and honesty are at the heart.  The aim of all our matches is to help you create a solid relationship with your surrogate which we hope will grow into a very special lifelong connection.

Preparation for parents


To recommend a match we need to get to know you.  After you send in your application form, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to talk through your preferences and expectations for your surrogacy journey and the match you are looking for.  We will also guide you on creating embryos if you have not already done so, take up references and ask you to complete some background (including criminal records) checks.


Screening and preparation for surrogates


We screen and prepare our surrogates (and their partners), to make sure they are fully informed about what surrogacy involves, have thought through the implications, are committed to the process and are in the right place physically and emotionally to become a surrogate.

Your match

We are the only UK surrogacy organisation to ‘match’.  We do it on a one-to-one basis, removing the pressure on you to market yourselves and doing the hard work of making sure that you and your surrogate are a good fit before you even meet.

When we think we have a match, we will give you information about the surrogate we are thinking of matching you with.  We do this anonymously initially, and also talk to the surrogate about you.  Being a good match means not just that you are aligned on key issues in relation to the surrogacy, but also that you are a good personality fit.  Matching is a careful art, as we want you to form a natural relationship which will endure in the long term and give your child a positive story.

If you would like to be introduced, we will facilitate a match call by telephone, during which we will guide you through a discussion about each other and all the key issues you need to think about together.  You both need to decide whether you want to move forward from there. If the fit doesn’t feel good you can tell us and we will look again (although that rarely happens). If you want to move forward, we will swap contact details so you can get in touch and start getting to know each other.

Your relationship with your surrogate


After match, you need time to establish a solid relationship with your surrogate and her partner. Surrogacy should never be rushed and should be based on trust and a strong relationship, so it is important you take your time. How long this takes is personal, but we will guide you.

Legal advice and support


During this period we will also arrange a legal review for you (with a surrogacy law expert from our sister organisation NGA Law) to make sure you are clear about the legal issues before you work through the detail of your written agreement.  This service is part of our UK Surrogacy Pathway at no additional cost.  The legal team will also be on hand throughout the rest of your journey to answer any legal questions that arise and help you plan what you need to do when your baby is born.  NGA Law can also provide services to represent you in your parental order application after the birth, but this is optional.


Putting things in writing

When you are ready, we will help you put in place a written surrogacy agreement.  We will provide you with a template document and help you work through it.

Our professionally-qualified and surrogacy specialist mediator Helen will have a series of meetings with you and your surrogate and her partner to ensure you have thought through all the issues, and will then arrange an agreement meeting involving all of you to help you agree the detail clearly.

Conception, pregnancy and birth


We will support you through your fertility treatment and the pregnancy, steering you through each step and keeping your relationship on track.  We will also help you prepare for the birth, including liaising with the hospital where your baby will be born.

When your baby arrives we will celebrate with you!  And it doesn’t end there.  We offer your surrogate additional counselling and make sure she is well physically and mentally after the birth.  And we love to stay in touch in the longer term too.  Some of our teams go on to have a sibling journey and we can help with that too.

Being there for you


Most importantly, we are there for you through the ups and downs no matter what happens.  Surrogacy involves risk and things do not always go to plan.  Sadly some of our teams experience failed embryo transfers, miscarriages, difficult decisions if there is something wrong with the baby or even stillbirths, and sometimes issues can arise along the way which challenge communication or feel awkward to raise.  While everyone hopes this will not happen, having access to good professional support can be crucial if it does.  We provide a stabilising role and give guidance, encouragement and support throughout your surrogacy journey.


What families we have helped create through UK surrogacy have to say

When it came to drawing up a surrogacy agreement Brilliant Beginnings spent many hours with us and our surrogate, making sure we covered every conceivable scenario, which became invaluable throughout the pregnancy.

Dads through UK surrogacy

We felt safe in the hands of Brilliant Beginnings – always professional with a rich wealth of knowledge that we would have been lost without.

Different-sex parents through UK surrogacy

Our UK Surrogacy Pathway service costs £12,750 plus VAT:

£750 plus VAT payable on application,

£6,000 plus VAT when we have a match for you and

£6,000 plus VAT before you finalise your agreement.

Our fee covers our costs for providing our UK Surrogacy Pathway service on a non-profit basis.  As well as our professional support, our fee includes the costs of surrogate screening and counselling, your surrogate’s psychological evaluation and independent legal advice for both you and your surrogate.

You will also need to budget for your surrogate’s expenses/compensation, fertility treatment costs and any legal fees associated with updating wills and your parental order.

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