Working out payments and expenses

At Brilliant Beginnings, we support you with ensuring everything money related is clear to support a smooth surrogacy journey.

We know that working out expenses can be one of the trickiest parts of UK surrogacy. Even though surrogates’ overriding motivation is helping to create a family, the financial side still needs to be dealt with. 

How Brilliant Beginnings approaches expenses

We give you all the information to decide on what your expenses should be and as part of your match with your intended parents, we ensure that everyone is aligned on them. We help you to make sure everything is clear, transparent and recorded in writing.                  

In the first instance, we help you work out what your actual out of pocket expenses are likely to be. No Brilliant Beginnings surrogate is left out of pocket. We will sit down with you and go through all the potential variables in detail to help you understand all the potential costs of surrogacy and how this will impact on you and your family.

We then offer both you and your intended parents independent legal advice so you can talk through any legal implications of what you agree. Lawyers are not currently allowed to negotiate a surrogacy agreement, but can advise you on the court’s approach to payments in practice. All Brilliant Beginnings surrogates have a confidential independent legal review with a solicitor as part of our service.

We provide you with a template surrogacy agreement to help you clearly record what you have agreed. It is important for everyone to be clear, not just about the amount agreed or what expenses you are covering, but also how the finances will be managed in practice – when and how payments will be made and what happens if there is a miscarriage or early birth.

Our mediation process for supporting you in making your agreement also helps ensure that you are all absolutely clear. 

In practice, the following are possible ways you and your intended parents can deal with payments (all of which are routinely accepted by the family court):

  • Receiving individually reimbursed expenses for particular items as you go along so you can provide a detailed list.
  • Projecting in advance what you expect your expenses to be, and then agreeing an overall figure which reflects that in a broad way (with some wriggle room if particular unexpected expenses arise further down the line).
  • Agreeing an overall figure which you think is fair between you.  As well as covering your out of pocket expenses, this can include an acknowledgement of your inconvenience, pain and suffering. The usual bracket for expenses agreed in this way in the UK is £12,000 to £20,000. It is common for the court to accept round sums in this bracket without requiring a detailed breakdown of what expenses you have incurred.

If you are in receipt of benefits we would always recommend you are upfront with the relevant benefit office and be clear about what your surrogacy expenses are covering and in this way, any monies will not be considered added income and should not affect your benefits.

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