The fertility treatment process

At Brilliant Beginnings, we only support gestational surrogacy arrangements.

What's a gestational surrogate?

That means that an embryo will be transferred to your womb at a UK fertility clinic, created with eggs from a donor or the intended mother you are matched with.  You will not be the biological mother of the child you carry.

We will talk to you about where your treatment might take place, ideally close to you, but also bearing in mind where your intended parents may have embryos stored and the clinics we partner with who are most experienced in managing surrogacy arrangements well.

The clinic will want to make sure that you are healthy and able to safely be a surrogate. There will be certain criteria that individual clinics have, but these will usually be similar to those of Brilliant Beginnings and will be things that we have already explored with you.

Others things to consider will be stopping breast feeding prior to starting treatment, as this can affect fertility and chances of success.

Clinics do not have surrogacy success rates, and there are far too many variables including the response of surrogates, as well as embryos, sperm and egg quality. It is always sensible to anticipate two to three embryo transfer attempts to get pregnant.

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