Pay & Expenses for UK Surrogates

Surrogacy is not about financial incentive but about creating a family. It is important to be clear that it is not illegal to be paid as a surrogate.

Most expenses will include an amount that is an acknowledgment of you and your family’s time and commitment, but that this is never a motivator.

Managing expenses is a key part of any UK surrogacy arrangement. Having worked with numerous intended parents and surrogates, we can give you guidance and practical support to help navigate this issue smoothly.

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How much can UK surrogates get paid?

Surrogates in the UK are typically paid between £8,000 and £20,000. Often with additional costs if exceptional circumstances exist. The amount is personal to every arrangement as the logistics and needs can vary widely.

As a surrogate, you can expect to be reimbursed and won’t be left out of pocket. This can be agreed as a lump sum or in installments and would be part of a discussion between you and your intended parents that we help facilitate as part of our matching and management service.

Reasonable expenses for UK surrogacy

One of the gateway criteria for your intended parents applying for a Parental Order, which is how they gain parental rights from their surrogate, is that no more than ‘reasonable expenses’ is paid. Expenses should be clarified from the outset of any surrogacy arrangement and an outline of what this will form part of our matching criteria.

The amount for surrogate expenses reflects what is routinely seen in court applications. As a surrogate, you need to be comfortable that you will be reimbursed and your IP’s will want to be able to budget properly.

By way of a guideline, you can anticipate the following to be included in the tally for your expenses:

  • Loss of earnings for you, and your partner if they are incurred
  • Maternity clothes
  • Additional nutrition items and vitamins
  • Travel costs for both you and your family if you visit your intended parents
  • Travel and accommodation costs for attending a clinic and hospital appointments
  • Additional childcare costs if you need it
  • A modest recuperation break for you and your family
  • Any other expenses during your pregnancy and after the birth.

Other costs that your IPs will cover the cost of include:

  • Counselling or professional support in connection with your pregnancy (such as a doula or additional counseling)
  • Wills and life insurance fees
  • Legal fees

How we support surrogates

Providing information about being a surrogate and how the process works from your perspective is one way in which we hope to encourage more UK surrogates to come forward.

You can find out more about being a surrogate on the following pages:

Our team is also available by phone and email to discuss this with any potential surrogates, and we are routinely travelling the UK for surrogate coffee mornings.

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