Meet our client managers

Our team is passionate about supporting surrogates.

As a surrogate your main point of contact will be one of our client managers, so meet the team:


Helen Prosser

Helen Prosser

Caring, energetic and creative, Helen has worked in fertility, donation and surrogacy for over a decade. She is a CEDR accredited mediator.

Helen is a regular speaker at fertility events and international conferences, and has an extensive network of contacts with agencies, medics and lawyers in the UK and internationally. She is regularly in the news, in Vogue, GQ, BBC and other publications, sharing her expertise. 

Her notable work includes:

  • Contributing to The Law Commission’s review of UK legal framework.
  • Being one of the few international members of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproduction and Technology Committee.
  • Being a trustee and member of several advisory bodies steering surrogacy and egg donation and the Department of Health’s group to publish surrogacy guidance.
  • HFEA’s National Donation Strategy Group. 
  • National Gamete Donation Trust.

She has two grown up children.

Stephen Ashe

I knew I wanted children from an early age. When I discovered that surrogacy was an option for me and my partner I couldn’t believe it. I am so grateful for our two children and the amazing women that helped us.

I want to make sure that everyone’s surrogacy journey is as amazing and joyous as mine was, by giving support, guidance and heart to the teams we help here at BB.

Gemma Hart-Dyke

Gemma Hart-Dyke

I love to build rapport and trust with the intended parents and surrogates that I support. Everyone is unique, and deserves to be supported and looked after in the way that feels right for them.

I am honoured to play even a small role in helping to create families through such special and incredible journeys.

Esther Ezquerro

Esther Ezquerro

Having had experience of an adoption and fostering agency and then working within a family law team, I have long understood the incredibly personal and life changing journeys people go on to create and complete their families.

Guiding and supporting intended parents whether that’s here in the UK or abroad in Canada or the US is very special. Supporting women to feel empowered to follow their desires to help others complete their family, in a safe and supported way really is a privilege. I am in awe of each of these women and the incredible drive and determination they all have to help others who would have no other option. I feel very lucky to be able to have a role as unique as this one.

Laura Clarke

Having been fortunate enough to carry 2 surrogate babies myself, I feel that it’s so important for me to be able to share my experience.

Holding such a unique role with Brilliant Beginnings allows me to immerse myself in an area that I am completely passionate about and gives me the platform to educate and support surrogates and intended parents, who are navigating this process as a way of starting or helping to build a family.

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