Emotional and health implications of being a surrogate

Surrogacy is a hugely emotional experience for all involved. 

From the outset at Brilliant Beginnings you will have a dedicated client manager who you will get to know, and they will guide you on what to expect, encourage you to think about all the implications for you and your family.

Our screening and preparation process will also help us both to confirm that surrogacy is right for you and you are fully informed and prepared.

Surrogacy is a long process (over 24 months on average), and can feel like a rollercoaster of highs and lows.  It can be hugely fulfilling and rewarding, but there are many potential disappointments along the way too, including failed embryo transfers, miscarriages, termination decisions to be considered, and difficult births. There is also medical risk associated with any pregnancy and birth.

To keep you safe, we will carry out medical screening, with the help of your GP, to confirm that surrogacy will not put you or the surrogate baby at unacceptable risk, and that you are clear about what the risks are for you.

We are also the only UK surrogacy agency to provide full psychological evaluation. Our clinical psychologist – who is also a dad through surrogacy himself – will meet with you face-to-face to talk about your expectations from your journey, your mental wellbeing and to help you explore how surrogacy might impact on you through the process and beyond. We want to make sure that you are able to take on any challenges you may face and will come out of your surrogacy journey happy and healthy. 

We will also make sure you have the support you need along the way. As your client manager gets to know you, they will help you and your partner think about how you will support each other, or if you don’t have a partner they will help you arrange support from someone else you are close to. We will also support you with thinking about the impact on your family and talking to your own children and wider family, as well as your employer.

Since you will be going through fertility treatment at a UK fertility clinic, you will be offered counselling with a professional counsellor at the clinic before your treatment proceeds. This will typically involve a session separate from your intended parents and at least one all together, and is another check to make sure that you are all clear about the emotional road ahead.

In addition to this, we routinely offer professional counselling to Brilliant Beginnings surrogates in preparation for the birth and after the birth, if you feel you need it, at no cost to you. We have a strong relationship with a BICA-accredited counsellor with long experience in surrogacy and additional support is available if you need it at any time. 

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