Our surrogate community

We have an incredible community of surrogates across the country, and provide safe, relaxing and fun ways for our surrogates to get to know each other and share their unique stories and experiences.

From a private Facebook group to an annual retreat exclusively for BB surrogates, we bring our surrogates together to celebrate surrogacy in positive and uplifting environments. 

Meet some of our #brilliantsurrogates




Here are some comments from our most recent surrogates retreat:

“I thought the retreat was lovely, it was lovely to meet more of the ladies and reconnect with others.”

“This is the place where we can be very open and honest. We don't have anyone to protect, so I think it's great to be able to talk to likeminded people and know that you’re not on your own with what you have gone through.”

“Giving surrogates the opportunity to get together is so much more important that I first realised. Being with someone who just 'got' it without needing to justify or explain first was amazing.”

“While everyone is different, the core values and motivations felt so aligned. It was a really precious time and lovely not to feel rushed at all.”

“It was also a vital reminder to hear about the less positive bits and how everyone has tough times.”

“It was so helpful to hear how BB was there for people at the tough times and that we are never going to find ourselves stuck without support.”

“It's moments like that which underline the care BB offers. The attention to all the little details which really do matter makes us feel so supported.”

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