At Brilliant Beginnings, we provide a fully-managed professional surrogacy service.


Our goal is to give our Brilliant Surrogates the exceptional care they deserve.

We guide your through every step of the process 

From your first enquiry to post birth, we will guide you on everything you need to do, step by step. We help you manage the process so you don’t have to worry about missing anything and can focus on the good stuff: your relationship with your intended parents and the amazing gift you are making of creating a family. Our full-time client managers are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly, and you will have a dedicated team member who will be on hand whenever you need, and who will be there to support and guide you throughout your journey.

We prepare you and keep you safe 

Our screening and preparation process helps confirm that surrogacy is right for you, and we will openly and honestly discuss your wishes, expectations and any worries you might have. We will talk you and your partner about the surrogacy process at length, and have professional input from your GP and a clinical psychologist to check that you won’t be at risk of medical or emotional harm. As with our intended parents we will ask you for a criminal records check and take up personal references. We will also provide you and your partner with independent legal advice and professional implications counselling at no cost to you.

We match you 

This is your match, and we know it’s hard to pick intended parents to help when so many are so deserving. We will get to know you, talk to you about the kind of surrogacy experience you want, and suggest a family-to-be who we think will be a good match for you. We do this in partnership with you, with enormous care and thought. We make sure you and any intended parents we suggest a match with are aligned on all the key issues, and we consider personal values and characteristics.  If it doesn’t feel right you can always tell us why, and we will look again. We want you to have a great relationship with your intended parents through the process and beyond. We match one-to-one, not by who is at the top of a list, which means you aren’t matched with the next parent/s on the list, but rather the intended parent/s who are the best match for you.

We have the tricky conversations for you 

No one likes talking about expenses or what would happen if something goes wrong with the pregnancy, and sometimes issues come up along the way that you aren’t sure how to raise with your intended parents. We are there to guide your discussions and deal with any awkward issues, to keep your relationship flowing. Our agreement service, managed in a series of meetings with a professionally-qualified mediator, helps you put all the detail in writing, and we are also there to facilitate communication all the way through.

The right third parties 

We work alongside a number of exceptional organisations which we can signpost and introduce you to, and that will come together for you.  Quality and excellence is critical and surrogacy is evolving with more and more organisations offering this support.  Whether it is licensed fertility clinics, delivery hospitals, doulas, solicitors, counsellors or any other organisation, we work closely with those that share our ethic of giving you the right level of care, attention and expertise.

We care for you if things go wrong 

There is risk involved in any pregnancy and some surrogacies do involve unsuccessful embryo transfers, miscarriages, termination decisions where there is a problem with the baby or difficult births. We are with you through the ups and downs, attending appointments, holding your hand and making sure you have all the support you need. We offer all our surrogates professional counselling pre and post birth, and at other times if required, as well as being a safety net of support for you ourselves.

You will be part of our surrogate community 

We connect you with experienced surrogates as part of our screening process, and give you access to our surrogate community where we celebrate the gift you are giving and bring our Brilliant Surrogates together.

It’s free and it’s non-profit 

You don’t pay anything for the service we provide. Our intended parents pay us a fee, but Brilliant Beginnings does not make a profit from that – the fees we charge cover our costs and the counselling, psychological support and legal advice provided by professional third parties. The intended parents who work with us choose us because they want professional support throughout their journey, and they want you to have that too.

How to become a Brilliant Beginnings surrogate

The first step is to check you meet our basic eligibility requirements.

To become a Brilliant Surrogate you must:

• Be fit and healthy, physically and mentally (with a BMI between 19 and 30).

• Be over 21.

• Be well supported by your partner, friends or family.

• Have had a baby already with an uncomplicated pregnancy.

• Be a non-smoker.

• Be willing to undertake treatment at a fertility clinic to be a gestational surrogate (i.e. not a surrogate who would use her own eggs).

The next step is to complete our application form. This will give us background information to enable one of the team to get started with discussing the process with you and working through our screening and preparation process.

Find out more about being a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings

Learn more about being a surrogate

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