Surrogate screening and preparation


Our surrogate screening and preparation process is unique in the UK, designed to ensure our surrogates are safe, suitable and fully informed about what the process involves.

Preparation with our expert team


Our Surrogate Managers Tracey and Teresa (who are themselves experienced surrogates) work with our surrogates and their partners.  They give them as much time as they need to understand the surrogacy process, work through their questions, address any worries or concerns, and explore their motivations and preferences for their surrogacy journey.

We love getting to know our surrogates by telephone, video and face-to-face, and we always make a home visit too.


Background checks and references


We carry out criminal records checks for everyone we help. 

We also speak to at least two personal referees to get an outside picture of our surrogates’ personality and communication style.

Psychological and medical screening

We are the only UK surrogacy organisation to carry out a full psychological evaluation. We work with a specialist clinical psychologist (himself a parent through surrogacy) who, through a detailed questionnaire and a face-to-face meeting, helps our surrogates to think about their motivations, personality style and how they might deal with any challenges along the way, as well as exploring any history of mental health issues.  His feedback helps us confirm that our surrogates can undergo the surrogacy process without risk to their mental or emotional health, as well as informing our matching decisions and the style of support we will provide.

We seek a detailed medical history from our surrogates’ GPs to confirm that a pregnancy will be as safe as possible and will not put any surrogate at excessive risk. We also have medical input from a member of our team who is a registered nurse.


Surrogacy preparation counselling


We arrange a confidential surrogacy preparation session with a counsellor (professionally accredited by the British Infertility Counselling Association) which helps our surrogates and their partners to explore the emotional implications of becoming a surrogate.

Access to further counselling is available at later stages too. As standard we offer a counselling session before and after the birth, in order to help our surrogates work through their thoughts about the birth and to reflect on their journey. It is important that surrogates feel well supported throughout the process and afterwards.

Independent legal advice


We also arrange a legal advice meeting with an independent solicitor to explain the legal implications of becoming a UK surrogate and to answer any questions our surrogates have about how the law works.

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