Surrogacy in Ukraine and Georgia

Ukraine and Georgia both have a legal framework which recognises different-sex married parents as the legal parents if they have a child through surrogacy.  Surrogacy is not accessible to (or lawful for) other types of intended parents, such as same-sex and single parents.

How does surrogacy in Ukraine and Georgia work?


The process is driven by the clinical side, with surrogacy services provided by fertility clinics (or occasionally separate agencies) which manage the surrogacy journey.  There is typically a more limited relationship between intended parents and surrogates than in other destinations, which can make the process feel much more transactional.  This suits some parents, but others have more of a relationship with their surrogate which may even continue beyond the surrogacy process. It is also important for you to consider the ethics of a surrogacy arrangement in Ukraine or Georgia and feel confident that your professional partners will safeguard the interests of both you and your surrogate and make sure she is well supported throughout the surrogacy process. 

We would also always encourage UK intended parents to make a positive effort to form a direct relationship with their surrogate wherever possible.  This is not only important for your own peace of mind, but may also be important for your child in the future, and will help with your parental order application since the court will want to be reassured that your surrogate was not exploited or taken advantage of. 

You will be your child’s legal parents from birth in Ukraine/Georgia and will need to be there for the birth as well as for a period of time afterwards while you resolve the immigration issues.  It takes 2-5 months in practice to obtain a British passport for your child and you will also need to plan to apply for a parental order in the UK in order to secure your legal parenthood for UK law purposes.


How much does surrogacy in Ukraine and Georgia cost?


Surrogacy in Georgia and Ukraine typically costs £30,000 to £60,000 overall for UK parents.


What is the first step on a Ukraine or Georgia surrogacy journey?


It is important to consider whether Ukraine or Georgian surrogacy is the right route for you. At Brilliant Beginnings we can offer you an Options Review to talk about all the destinations that might be an option for you and help you decide.  From there you will need to choose the right clinic to work with, feeling confident that they can offer you a good service as well as an ethical surrogacy process.

Although Brilliant Beginnings does not project-manage surrogacy in Ukraine and Georgia, our sister organisation NGA Law has extensive experience supporting parents from the UK with navigating British nationality law and parental order applications and can offer legal advice to help you at the planning stages and throughout the process.


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