Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada is well-established generally although still emerging as a destination for international intended parents, with significant growth in recent years.  Surrogacy in Canada is available to all types of intended parents, regardless of gender, relationship status or sexual orientation.  Canada has a strong surrogate-led culture within a legal framework often classified as ‘altruistic’ rather than ‘commercial’. 

How does surrogacy in Canada work?


Canada has a robust surrogacy law framework in relation to legal parenthood.  It is one of the few destinations around the world where international intended parents can enter into a surrogacy agreement with a surrogate which (in most Canadian provinces) is legally-recognised and makes them their child’s legal parents from birth.

Canadian federal law, however, makes it a criminal offence to pay a surrogate (or egg or sperm donor) any more than expenses.  While surrogacy agency services are legal in Canada, the law also criminalises payment to an agency solely for introducing an intended parent to a surrogate.  Working within this framework, there are Canadian surrogacy consultancies which can help intended parents to find a surrogate in Canada, although they work in a different way from surrogacy agencies in the US.  Canada also offers fertility clinics which can support the medical side of surrogacy.

In Canada, there is a strong culture and community underpinning surrogacy.  Surrogacy is often embraced as a calling with an outward focus on altruism and relationships and so, for many Canadian surrogates, having a close ongoing relationship is a key expectation, and as international intended parents you will need to commit to a relationship with your surrogate across a distance.  Factoring in extensive travel between the UK and Canada is important as Canada is enormous with different time zones and many hours of travel.  The weather in Canada is also extreme, with many provinces having extended periods of sub-zero temperatures.

Most UK intended parents have a close direct relationship with their Canadian surrogate throughout the pregnancy, and this frequently evolves into a lifelong connection.

You will need to be present when your baby is born and will be immediately responsible for him or her from birth. Parents from the UK can usually travel home to the UK within a few weeks of the birth if they wish, but will need to take additional steps post-birth to take to secure their family’s legal status for UK law purposes.


How do I choose which organisations to work with?


Choosing the right professional partners is absolutely key to both the success and smooth experience of an international surrogacy journey.  Drawing on recommendations from personal contacts and fertility professionals you may have worked with in the past is always helpful, as well as doing your own due diligence and visiting those you are considering engaging.  Brilliant Beginnings has years of experience of international surrogacy and worldwide connections with surrogacy professionals and we support UK parents through Canadian surrogacy journeys with our Canadian Surrogacy Pathway.


How much does surrogacy in Canada cost?


Surrogacy in Canada typically costs £80,000 to £100,000 overall for UK parents.  At Brilliant Beginnings our Canadian Surrogacy Pathway helps intended parents navigate budgeting from the very start, making sure you have factored in everything you need to consider and have budgeted realistically for the surrogacy journey you are hoping for.


What is the first step on a Canadian surrogacy journey?


It is important to consider whether the Canadian surrogacy is the right route for you. At Brilliant Beginnings we can offer you an Options Review to talk about all the destinations that might be an option for you and help you decide.  If Canada is your preferred route, it is important to get as much information as possible, whether through others that have been through the journey, your own research, or with the help of our Canadian Surrogacy Pathway which will guide you through every step.


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