Who we work with

balloonsFertility clinics

We have developed working relationships with fertility clinics that have a proven track record of surrogacy/egg donation and working with alternative families, located across the UK and the USA. We work with them closely to ensure that your treatment runs smoothly. Surrogates and egg donors can expect to receive the highest level of clinical care, recognising that their needs may be different from those of other fertility patients.

Although we recommend our partner clinics, we can work with other centres, for example if you have an established relationship following previous treatment.

US professionals

We work with a small number of US agencies, fertility clinics and attorneys who we have handpicked for their proven reputation working with UK parents and their excellent service. Our portfolio includes a range in terms of size, location and approach, in various surrogacy-friendly states, so we can help you to find the best agency for you. We only recommend US agencies with which we have already worked successfully to create UK families.  Our approach is to select the best agencies for you to work with, and we do not accept referral fees.

Lawyers and other professionals

Getting the legalities right is part of the process and we will introduce you to experienced lawyers in any relevant US state and other country with which you are connected (as well as in the UK) to ensure all the legal issues and processes are properly managed.

If you are conceiving through surrogacy in the USA, we will also introduce you to appropriate insurance brokers (for medical insurance coverage) and any other professionals whose help you will need.

Other organisations

We have a long history of working closely with all the leading UK organisations working in surrogacy and egg donation, including COTS, Surrogacy UK, the Donor Conception Network, the National Gamete Donation Trust, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, Fertility Network UK and PrideAngel, as well as leading academic researchers in the field. We will help you to understand the range of resources, support services and information available to you to make your experience as easy as possible.