Two-mum families

Lesbian MumsWe are happy to support two-mum families undertaking a surrogacy journey (whether cisgender or trans). To be clear, surrogacy is where someone  carries your child who does not herself intend to be a parent.  If one of you is carrying the pregnancy (even if conceiving the other's biological child) then that is co-maternity or shared motherhood rather than surrogacy, and you can access support with the process from a fertility clinic rather than a surrogacy agency. 

For us to be able to help you, it is also important that one of you will be your child's biological parent (either by providing your eggs, or your sperm if you are trans).  If neither of you will be your child's biological parent then surrogacy may still be possible for you, but will need more careful legal planning and we would recommend you seek legal advice (our sister organisation NGA Law can help you). 

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The complexities and logistics of surrogacy for two-mum families can seem daunting, but our support and experience can alleviate that worry. Surrogacy is available to you with a secure legal framework in the UK, US and Canada and we can help you to work out which one is best for you.  You will need to consider: 

  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad
  • Who to help you with your journey (personally and professionally)
  • How to create embryos if you have not done so already
  • How to find a fertility clinic
  • How to choose a sperm donor (or egg donor if you are trans and providing your own sperm) and how much information you want to be available for your child
  • Budget and costs
  • Timescales
  • The future relationship you want with your surrogate
  • The legal implications
  • What the most important priorities are for you.

Which is the right surrogacy path is a very personal choice and we can help you decide and work through a plan step by step.

If you are at an early stage of your planning and need some personalised advice, then we suggest booking an Options Review meeting with us.  We will spend a couple of hours with you and afterwards write with a personal letter confirming our advice on your options for both UK and international surrogacy (covering not just our own services, but other organisations and destinations as well).  We can meet with you face to face at our offices in London or the New Forest, or arrange a Skype or telephone meeting.

Options Reviews are available at £500 plus VAT.

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Most popular surrogacy destinations for two-mum families

We offer support and management services for surrogacy journeys in the UK, US and Canada. 

Staying in the UK for surrogacy

Our UK Matching and Management service is run by our professional team of surrogacy case managers.  We work hard to match intended parents with a surrogate who is aligned with you and has been screened and fully prepared for the process ahead.  We aim to guide you from the outset through every step, so that you have the key decision-making information upfront and are supported comprehensively through each stage from matching, getting to know your surrogate, putting an agreement in place, fertility treatment, pregnancy, birth and bringing your baby home. Find out more about our UK surrogacy Matching and Management service.

If you have already found a surrogate, we also offer a UK Surrogacy Support Service to guide you through your journey.  We can if you wish screen and prepare your surrogate as we would with a Brilliant Beginnings surrogate.  Alternatively if you are working with a friend or family member you already know well, we offer a Friends and Family service which through mediation and legal advice helps you discuss all the issues you need to consider and put a written agreement in place.

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Going abroad for surrogacy: the US and Canada

Surrogacy in the US and Canada are popular choices for UK intended parents given the legal certainty and the surrogacy matching services available internationally.  There are a variety of options available to you and all have their advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right path and the right professionals to work with is critical.  You will need to follow the legal requirements in the country where your child will be born, and take into account how you bring your child home and become legally recognised as a parent in the UK.

We will help you navigate all the legal and practical steps you need to take as international intended parents conceiving through surrogacy in the USA or Canada, working with proven professionals and walking you through the international surrogacy process step by step from the planning stages to beyond the birth.  Find out more about:

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If you would like to arrange an Options Review meeting, or to discuss one of our surrogacy managment services please contact us by email, by phone or via our contact form.