Two mums

Lesbian MumsWe are happy to support same-sex female couples undertaking a surrogacy journey (whether cisgender or trans). Surrogacy is where someone else carries your child who does not herself intend to be a parent. If you are conceiving a child together and one of you is carrying the other's biological child with you both intending to be parents, that is co-maternity or shared motherhood rather than surrogacy or egg donation (despite what some fertility clinics may call it).

Brilliant Beginnings helps intended parents opting for surrogacy, whether in the UK or internationally, to find the route so they can complete their family.

Get to know your options by booking an Options Review meeting

If you are two mums in the early stages of looking at surrogacy, then an Options Review meeting can help you to get to grips with the legalities, practicalities and key considerations that go along with surrogacy.

Our Options Review meetings cover:

  • What to think about in terms of embryo creation or in terms of embryos that you already have
  • How to choose an egg or sperm donor if you need one
  • How to find a fertility clinic
  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad
  • Who to help you with your journey
  • What to budget for
  • How long it will take
  • What the legal implications are
  • What are the important priorities for you

An Options Review meeting will last around 2 hours and is priced at £500 plus VAT. This includes a detailed letter which we will send to you after you meeting detailed everything we’ve discussed.

We have offices in London and Burgate where we can meet for a face to face meeting, or if you prefer we are able to carry out these discussions over the phone, via Skype or Facetime.

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Our matching process

In our role as your surrogacy agency, we will act as your sounding board for your concerns and queries. We will also be able to raise the key considerations you need to be aware of as same-sex intended parents. from which clinic to choose, to how to ensure you have parental rights for you child.

Our matching and management process is a fully comprehensive one, taking you through the initial discussions to meeting your surrogate, on to pregnancy and birth. Depending on where you are undertaking surrogacy, how we support you will vary, but rest assured you’ll never be left wondering what comes next.

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Most popular destinations for two mums

Brilliant Beginnings only works with countries where there is a good foundational system for surrogacy. Although surrogacy is available in many countries, we only operate in the UK, US and Canada.

Staying in the UK for surrogacy

Surrogacy is legal in the UK, but the systems are not yet ideal for surrogacy. It means that having a trusting and open relationship with your surrogate is of paramount importance, and this is where Brilliant Beginnings can help.

Our bespoke matching and management service in the UK ensures that you have a great relationship with your surrogate, that suits both parties, and which makes your surrogacy journey a happy and fulfilling one.

Additionally, we are able to support surrogacy arrangements with friend or family member who is acting as your surrogate.

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Going abroad for surrogacy: the US and Canada

Surrogacy in Canada and the US are well regulated and this makes them popular destinations. Many states and provinces have been operating in surrogacy for years and so, compared to the UK, there are many more surrogates available.

The intricacies of each location mean that there are unique considerations that should be understood and evaluated before you choose your destination.

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