(Two) Dads

Gay DadsSurrogacy is more and more available for LGBTQIA individuals and couples but there are some complex considerations to navigate through.

Brilliant Beginnings has helped many families with the full range of dynamics and can help you understand your options, guide and support you through the process from your match with a surrogate through to birth and beyond.

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If you are a same sex couple, there will be choices that you will need to make in order to create the family that will work for you. Surrogacy is available to you in the UK, the US and Canada where surrogacy recognises same sex relationships and we can help you work out which one is best for you.

If you are thinking of building your family through surrogacy, there are things to think about including:

  • Who will be the biological father
  • How to choose an egg donor
  • How much information will your child need about an egg donor
  • What tests are available on your embryo
  • What do you need to consider in relation to your sperm
  • How to find a fertility clinic
  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad
  • Who to help you with your journey
  • What to budget for
  • How long it will take
  • What the legal implications are

Which is the right path is a very personal choice, but we can help you to decide and work through a plan step by step. If you need help unravelling this and need some personalised advice, then we suggest booking an Options Review meeting with us.

We can meet with you face to face at our offices in the New Forest or London, or arrange a Skype or telephone meeting, to help you to consider all your options in the UK and elsewhere. This meeting will last usually a couple of hours and afterwards we will write summarising the advice we’ve discussed.

Options Review meetings are available at £500 plus VAT.

Our matching process

We run a comprehensive matching and management service for same-sex couples. We start off by understanding exactly how you wish to complete your family and dovetail that with the options for you in light of legal and practical constraints.

Our goal is to guide you from the outset so that you have the key decision making information, and then we can support you comprehensively to beyond when you bring your baby home. You can find out more about our matching and management process in our intended parents section.

Most popular destinations for dads

Although there are lots of countries where surrogacy is possible, Brilliant Beginnings offers a service supporting surrogacy journeys in the UK, US and Canada, though we can advise on others. These are some of the most popular and viable destinations for surrogacy.

Staying in the UK for surrogacy

As a same sex couple, you have had think about having a family and this is a compelling reason why many surrogates in the UK are keen to help. Our personal Matching and Management service ensures that we present you with a surrogate that is aligned with you and your hopes to have a family.

Find out more about Surrogacy in the UK

Going abroad for surrogacy: The US and Canada

Surrogacy in Canada and the US has long been accessible to same sex couples and so are well established destinations. There are a variety of options that are available to you in the US that are not available to you in Canada and the UK, which make the US a compelling option for same sex couples.

However, each destination has their own laws that are not harmonised with the UK, and you will need to take into account immigration and how you bring your child home.. But be assured that this path is well trodden.

For more information on how international surrogacy works in these countries, see:

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