Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy in the UK

Following a wave of matches and a small influx of potential surrogates who are currently in screening, we are now able to accept applications from new intended parents for our UK matching and management service.
At this time due to these surrogates' preference to help particular groups of intended parents, and our one-to-one approach to matching, we are able to consider applications from intended parents who have previous experience of infertility through cancer, multiple failed IVF attempts, MRKH, miscarriage or other similar medical reasons. We hope to be able to consider applications from other groups of intended parents soon. 
In the first instance, do be in touch with us and we will send you an application form.

Our process

Our matching and management service helps you find a screened and prepared UK surrogate and supports you through the process, all the way to the birth.

If you have already found a surrogate, you can use our surrogacy support service to help support you, including screening and preparing your surrogate, and supporting you all through the process (but without the initial matching). 

We also offer a special service for those going through surrogacy with a friend or family member where we help prepare you all for a surrogacy journey and facilitate your discussions to help you put a written agreement in place. 

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Preparing for surrogacy

Surrogacy in the UK is evolving and we are committed to a safe and legal process for all our surrogacy matches. Initially we will get to know you, ask you to provide information about your plans (and provide a DBS certificate and two references). We will talk in detail to you about your expectations and how our service works (face-to-face if we have not already done so), take a detailed history and help you create a profile so we can match with a fully screened surrogate who, together with her family, is as aligned to you as possible.

We can talk through your specific concerns and considerations including treatment options and any wider issues that need to be accounted for in your match. We want to make sure that everyone is fully informed about what is involved and is committed to the process throughout the journey.

The perfect match

We match on a personalised basis, putting the right people together very carefully. There is no fixed waiting list or timeframe and it may take some time until we find the right surrogate for you. Once we have a surrogate who has cleared our screening (find out more about our surrogate screening process) and who we think may be a good match for you, we will give your profile information to her, and vice versa, on a one-to-one anonymous basis. We match on personality and values, as well as key issues like views on termination, treatment preferences and the kind of relationship that you hope to have during and after your surrogacy.

We will talk to each of you to give you an opportunity to ask about one another before agreeing to go forward. If you both feel that you would like to meet, we will introduce you, firstly through a match call (which we facilitate).

We take this part of our job very seriously and spend hours ensuring that we are aligning everyone with key criteria as well as the smaller nuances that are so important to every relationship - it is our aim that you will 'click' and form a bond at the early stages of your relationship together.

Reaching your agreement

If everyone is keen to proceed, then we give you each other's contact details so you can pick up the conversation from there. If all goes well, we will help you to build a relationship through calls and face-to-face meetings. It is important that you take your time to build solid foundations for your surrogacy arrangement and this process might take several months. That said, we often find that once our carefully crafted matches take place, everyone can move forward confidently.

You will have a legal review with a solicitor from NGA Law so that you have a clear understanding of the parental order process and how this factors in to what you agree (and your surrogate will also separately have had her own legal advice with an independent solicitor). We will give you information and guidance to help you talk through the practicalities, emotions and long term issues thoroughly so that you can decide on the terms of your written surrogacy agreement.

Your agreement will be finalised with the help of a mediated meeting all together (with one of our team who is a professionally qualified mediator) to make sure you have covered all the details and there is clarity and understanding between you. We will provide you with a template document to work from, prepared by our solicitor colleagues at NGA Law

Fertility treatment

We have handpicked the best fertility clinics for surrogacy from across the UK to work with, and can recommend a clinic with a proven track record and supportive approach. Alternatively, if you have an existing relationship with a clinic you prefer to work with, we can work with them (if you all agree).

We will help ensure your treatment runs smoothly, managing the various steps in the process and being on hand to answer any queries or worries you have.

Pregnancy support

We will help you and your surrogate to support each other all the way through the pregnancy. We will check in with you regularly and be on hand to help you with any concerns, no matter how big or small. We will also help you to plan for the birth, both practically and emotionally, to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible.

The birth and beyond

We will support you and your surrogate in the weeks after the birth, making sure you get settled and everyone has the support they need at this sensitive time (including providing counselling). We will also provide you with any documentation needed for your parental order application.

The end of the beginning

We bow out at this stage in terms of our professional service but we always love to stay in touch with the families we have helped to create. You may even be thinking of a sibling journey.

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