Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy in the UK is firmly on the map and more and more surrogates and intended parents are coming together to create families. We help intended parents by providing comprehensive guidance on how surrogacy works in the UK and supporting journeys.

The practicalities of this mean that ensuring you set up your UK surrogacy on solid foundations is critical, and we can assist you through our Matching and Management Service.

If you are considering if the UK is right for you, or what the other options might be abroad, then having an Options Review meeting with one of our knowledgeable team members is a good way of getting a better understanding of the lay of the land. This meeting is designed to help you understand how surrogacy works, as well as the budgets and logistics that you would need to consider.

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Surrogacy is legal in the UK

Surrogacy itself is legal but advertising for a surrogate or to broker a surrogacy relationship on a profit making basis is not. The legal framework is ill-defined but the government have published guidance on .GOV as a backup until the law is reformed.

The Law Commission is currently undertaking a review of the current law and we are hopeful that this will result in a more meaningful and reflective legal framework. Until this happens (in 3 or 4 years), the practical implication is that there is a general shortage of surrogates and you can expect a wait for find a surrogate that is right for you (as opposed to going to other destinations like the U S or Canada).

Because the legal framework is tricky, all of our services include legal advice on your arrangement, via our sister organization NGA Law, to ensure that you have what you need to understand the court process that you will need to undertake and what implications the legal criteria might have on your decisions.

Costs & Fees

There are several costs and fees to think about and budget for when undertaking surrogacy in the UK, and each situation in unique and so cost vary depending on your situation and location.

How much does a surrogate cost?

We typically see courts being comfortable with a payments of between £8000 and £20,000 as “reasonable expenses”. A surrogate can be paid any amount, but the current law says that only ‘reasonable expenses’ should be paid, though there is no definition for this.

Courts have the ability to authorize any additional amounts retrospectively, based on what the breakdown is. Under “reasonable expenses”, this compensatory payment can include such items as:

  • maternity clothes,
  • additional nutritional supplements,
  • travel to/from the clinic within a certain radius of her home,
  • additional childcare.

Essentially, anything that would normally arise out of a pregnancy.

What are BB’s UK fees and what do they include?

Brilliant Beginnings enables surrogacy arrangements by supporting intended parents and surrogates through our matching and management service. As of 2019, our fees for UK surrogacy is £12,750 plus VAT.

Fees are payable in installments, as follows:

  • £750 plus VAT on application
  • £6,000 plus VAT when your application iand we have a surrogate for you
  • £6,000 plus VAT when you are at the final stage of your agreement with your surrogate

The application fee enables us to get to know you and your special circumstances in detail, through an in depth meeting, and formally on our radar for a potential match. The remaining two instalments will fall due if we identify a potential match for you, and these fees cover screening and supporting surrogate candidates, matching and professional support to you and your surrogate throughout the treatment and pregnancy. It also includes legal advice, provided by our sister organisation NGA Law.

Understanding parental rights in the UK

Under UK law, if your surrogate is based in the UK, then she (and her husband or civil partner if she has one) will be the legal parent, regardless of her genetic connection to the child she gives birth to. In order to extinguish these parental rights, you as the intended parents, will have to apply to courts for a Parental Order. Our sister organization has helped hundreds of families with legal parenthood and happy to help you understand how this applies to you and the process to apply for a Parental Order. Contact us to find out more about how we can help

Going abroad for surrogacy

Many intended parents go abroad to find their surrogate and there are a number of destinations that offer regulated surrogacy including the US, Canada, Georgia, Ukraine and Greece. There are a number of unregulated destinations that are evolving and should be approached with caution. The US is the most established destination and Canada has a robust legal framework (although matches are managed differently than the US).

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