Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada is the newest country that Brilliant Beginnings has started working with. Our Canadian surrogacy Management Service helps intended parents to navigate finding a surrogate in Canada, ensure that you are legally supported both in the UK and Canada and are working with well established, ethical organisations.

Drawn from our experience of working with our professional partners in Canada, we can help you pull together all the elements to ensure that your surrogacy journey in Canada is responsibly managed and as stress free as possible.

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Surrogacy in Canada is legal, but restricted. 


Surrogacy in Canada is accessible to UK intended parents and is now fast growing as a way to conceive through surrogacy. It is well regulated with a Federal legal system and legally binding contracts, all of which makes it an attractive destination for surrogacy.

Whilst surrogacy in Canada is legally supported, there is a strong ethos based on altruism. As a result, there are restrictions around the level of expenses that you can pay your surrogate and the way in which your consultancy in Canada can support you.

Immigration and Canadian surrogacy


How you get back from Canada with a newborn, practically and legally, needs to be a part of your surrogacy plan. It’s a well-trodden path so there are viable ways to make it simple and seamless. We can help you understand how to piece this part into your plans and budgets.

If you would like to get a better idea of the intricacies of Canadian surrogacy and how we can support you, you can book an Options Review meeting. This meeting can also include discussion of your other options, such as the UK and US.

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How much does is cost for a surrogate in Canada?


Surrogates in Canada can be paid expenses which are capped. This is agreed in advance of you meeting your surrogate and is written into her contract with you. Brilliant Beginnings can assist with setting up your relationships with Canadian organisations and help you manage getting back home to the UK.

The altruistic nature of surrogacy in Canada means that similar to the UK, reasonable expenses (for maternity clothes, time off work, etc) is included in this. Different provinces approach expenses differently and you may also have additional expense depending on your surrogate’s personal circumstances.

Parental rights for Canadian surrogacy


With an established surrogacy system, surrogacy in Canada is very accessible, but that doesn’t necessarily make the parental rights for your baby straightforward.

When your child is born to a Canadian surrogate, they will have the right to a Canadian birth certificate, which your Canadian attorney can help you apply for. You and you will be legal parents from the outset in Canada, however, this is not recognised in the UK which is why you need to apply to the court in the UK to become your child's legal parents under UK law.  Our sister organisation NGA Law will advise you on what you need to do.

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Other destinations for surrogacy: US and the UK


Canada is a growing regulated destination for surrogacy. There are many unregulated and evolving countries, such as Georgia, Ukraine and Greece. Brilliant Beginnings can advise on these locations, but we only offer specific services in the UK, the US and Canada.

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