Single Dads

Single Dad More and more single dads opting for surrogacy, particularly among LGBTQIA people, and this is set to continue as changes to the law in the UK moves to reflect single parent surrogacy.

Being single won’t preclude a surrogate from wishing to help you, but you being well supported is an important factor in her decision to work with you. Brilliant Beginnings can help support your surrogacy journey from the legal and logistical side, but it is important that you have a support system, a close friend or family member, in place for the practical parts.

Book an Options Review meeting to learn more

If you are at the early stages and wish to find out more about how surrogacy can work for you then an Options Review is a good starting point. During your meeting we can outline how being a single parent affects your surrogacy options, both in the UK and internationally.

This meeting can help facilitate your surrogacy planning by touching on all the areas you need to be aware of in the process, including:

  • How to create embryos if you have not done so already
  • How to find a fertility clinic
  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad
  • Who to help you with your journey
  • What to budget for
  • How long it will take What the legal implications are

Options Review meetings can take place face-to-face at our offices, in London and Burgate, but they can also be done over the phone, Skype or Facetime if preferred. These meetings typically last 1 – 2 hours and a detailed letter of everything discussed will be sent to you afterwards to help settle your thoughts.

You can book an Options Review meeting at £500 plus VAT.

Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Our matching process

Our matching and management services are available for single parent surrogacy in the US and Canada. Currently, these are the most viable options, as UK law has not yet changed to enable surrogacy for single dads.

After meeting with you, and your support system, we can assist you in managing your surrogacy relationship an journey, including clinics, hospitals and other organisations. We can be there every step of the way, from conception to birth, and beyond.

Most popular destinations for single dads

Though there are many countries where surrogacy is possible, such as Georgia and Greece, surrogacy for single dads is possible in fewer destinations, with only a handful having laws and regulations in place to enable it.

While we are happy to advise on other destinations in an Options Review meeting, though we only operate in the US, Canada, and the UK as an agency.

Going abroad for surrogacy: The US and Canada

With both the US and Canada, we offer a full management service. This means we can guide you through where to go, including which states or provinces are best, introduce you to the organisations in your chosen destination and support you all the way through to birth and getting back to the UK.

Learn more about these destinations:

Staying in the UK for surrogacy

Currently it is exceptionally difficult (if not impossible) to find a surrogate in UK due to the legal restrictions. Our campaigning has led to changes to single parent surrogacy, and once the law changes we will be able to support this option.

Contact us by email or by phone to find out more