Surrogacy in the US

Our US surrogacy management service helps support you through the process of US surrogacy from start to finish, drawing together all the professionals and elements you will need to deal with as UK intended parents, and making sure your journey is safe, legal and responsibly managed.

Understanding surrogacy in the US

Surrogacy is well regulated, legally recognised and a well-trodden path in many US states.  We can help you navigate your surrogacy journey in the US and make sure that you are well informed on the logistical, legal and budgetary implications before you start.  There will be important decisions that you will need to make and having time to work those through before going ahead will ensure that your plans stay on track as much as possible.  In the first instance, we will take a detailed history and understand the defining factors of your plans to have a family (face-to-face if we have not already done so).  There are a lot of different options in the US and we want you to understand which of those are right for you. This will involve discussing the kind of US agency to choose and of course the kind of relationship you want with your surrogate, as well as understanding your fertility treatment needs, helping you to put together a comprehensive budget, and answering any questions you have about the overall process.  

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Legal advice

We are committed to a safe and legal process and provide all our intended parents with a full legal review with a solicitor from NGA Law to ensure that you understand both the UK family law and immigration law aspects of an overseas surrogacy arrangement.  As part of our enhanced service, a solicitor from NGA Law will also check the US documentation you are signing to ensure it reflects the needs of our courts here in the UK.  

US introductions

We will take full profile information from you and help you choose the right US fertility clinic, agency and attorney to work with. To help you, we have handpicked a selection of the best professionals in various surrogacy-friendly states, whose service and experience with UK couples is proven.  We will help you liaise with them and provide them with the information about you that they need.  Our recommendations are impartial and personalised to you - we have no referral arrangements with US professionals, but rather rely on our experience of excellent reputation and client service.  

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Supporting your match

Once your US agency has helped you match with a surrogate (and an egg donor if necessary), you will have a conference call with your surrogate. You may want to organise a trip to the US to meet face-to-face, and we can help arrange this before your US attorney helps you negotiate and then sign your US surrogacy contract.  We will also put you in touch with an insurance broker to ensure that you have US health insurance coverage for your surrogate and child. 

Conception and pregnancy support

We will help you arrange your fertility treatment, working with the best clinics in the UK and the USA to coordinate treatment. During the pregnancy we will check in with you regularly and be on hand to help with any concerns no matter how big or small. There is a lot to pull together, and we will make sure that each step of the process is dealt with at the right time.

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The birth and beyond

We will help you to plan for a birth in another country, both practically and emotionally, to ensure that all goes as smoothly as possible. We will help you with your travel and accommodation arrangements and support you while you are in the USA.  We will also put you in touch with the professionals you need to help you deal with the immigration processes properly so that you can bring your baby home as quickly as possible, and we will help you prepare for your legal applications in the UK.

The end of the beginning

We bow out at this stage in terms of our professional service but we always love to stay in touch with the families we help create.  You may even be thinking of a sibling journey.

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