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Mums and DadsSurrogacy is more and more common for different-sex couples (whether cisgender or trans) who are not able to complete their family through infertility or other causes. We can help you understand your options, guiding and supporting you through the process of matching, to birth and beyond.

Many intended parents have already had a difficult journey behind them and we know that you may feel daunted by what lies ahead. Our support and experience can alleviate that worry. Which is the right path is a personal choice, but we will help you to decide.

Book an Options Review meeting to learn more

If you are still exploring surrogacy and need help to work out if it is for you, where you could find a surrogate and the costs and practicalities, then consider an Options Review meeting.

We can help you work through the implications of particular your circumstances can impact conceiving a child through surrogacy and dovetail that with the various options.

An Options Review meeting will cover:

  • What to think about in terms of embryo creation or in terms of embryos that you already have
  • How to choose an egg or sperm donor if you need one
  • How to find a fertility clinic
  • Whether to look for a surrogate in the UK or abroad
  • Who to help you with your journey
  • What to budget for
  • How long it will take
  • What the legal implications are
  • What are the important priorities for you

This meeting typically lasts 2 hours and is held face to face in one of our offices, or if you prefer by Skype, Facetime or over the phone. The cost of the meeting is £500 plus VAT and includes a detailed letter to help settle your thoughts.

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Our matching process

We run a comprehensive, matching and management service that starts off by understanding exactly how you wish to complete your family and dovetails that with the options for you in light of legal and practical constraints.

Our goal is to guide you from the outset to have the key decision making information and then support you comprehensively to beyond when you bring your baby home.

Find out more about our matching and management process

Most popular destinations for intended parents

There are a number of destinations around the world that are growing in popularity for different-sex couples including the UK, US, Canada, Georgia, and the Ukraine. While there are other destinations, these ones are established and surrogacy friendly regulation.

Staying in the UK for surrogacy

With the surrogacy legislation in the UK being outdated, intended parents and surrogates need to have a strong, trusting relationship. We offer a bespoke matching and management service for surrogacy in the UK to help you find a surrogate that is compatible with you. We then support your surrogacy journey through to birth and beyond.

We also offer a surrogacy support service if you are working with someone you already know and want professional support through the process. Find out more about our UK surrogacy process.

Find out more about Surrogacy in the UK

Going abroad for surrogacy: The US and Canada

We offer a management service for US and/or Canadian surrogacy which helps you draw together the whole process from identifying a cluster of organisations to work with to helping you with the logistics along the way to bringing home your baby. Find out more about our US surrogacy process.

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You can find out more about our surrogates in the UK if you are considering the UK to find your surrogate, or you can contact our team to book an Options Review meeting, if you are unsure where you would like to undertake your surrogacy journey.

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