Finding a surrogate

Our matching and management process in the UK, US and Canada

Surrogacy is personal. And every family is different. So finding a surrogate must be personal and bespoke to you and your circumstances. Our role is to take the heavy lifting out of making a match by doing it for you.

All of our matches whether in the UK, the US or Canada are unique to you, with everyone’s hopes and expectations as united as possible. You are shaping your child’s future, as well as a whole new family, so making sure you have a firm foundation is our goal.

There will be decisions, choices and compromises to make along the way so having early guidance is important.

Consider booking an Options Review meeting

If you aren’t sure of your options or what the realities of surrogacy are in the UK and internationally, we can outline this in detail, answering all your important (and less important) queries, at an Options Review Meeting.

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How we work

Surrogacy in the UK is changing and we are committed to a safe and legal process for all our surrogacy matches. Initially, we will get to know you, ask you to provide information about your plans and provide a DBS certificate and two references.

We will talk in detail to you about your expectations and how our service works (face-to-face if we have not already done so), so that we have a clear understanding of the key aspects of your situation, values and your family building plans so that ultimately we can match you with a fully-screened surrogate who, together with her family, is as aligned to you as possible. We can talk through your specific concerns and considerations including treatment options, budgets and other practicalities that will form part of your match.

We want to make sure that everyone is fully informed about what is involved and is committed to the process throughout the journey.

How we match and manage in the UK

We are not currently accepting applications from intended parents for our UK matching and management service. This is due to the huge demand and we feel it important to manage expectations and wait times. However, we hope to be able to do so shortly. We review our position regularly so do keep an eye on our website. 

We want to make sure that your match starts off with a clear understanding, on both sides, and remains open and collaborative until well after your baby is born. In order to do that, we need to get to know you properly.

The first part of our matching and managing process is to get to know you. We build a profile of you, and those around you, so that when the perfect surrogate comes along, we can make the best match for you and her.

Your first introduction to a surrogate will be when she is in the final phase of her screening and preparation. Once she is confirmed as a Brilliant Beginnings surrogate, we will talk to you about her and her family in more detail. We will also talk to her about you. If everyone is happy, then we will formally introduce you to each other via a match meeting.

From there, we help facilitate a relationship based on trust and openness, offer legal advice from NGA Law, and assist with choosing a clinic and navigating the fertility treatment process. We offer pregnancy support to you and your surrogate and ensure the plans for the birth are straightforward. This includes ensuring that the myriad of professionals who will be helping you along the way understand you and surrogacy.

We know that your surrogacy journey does not end at the delivery and so we are available to you as you get to know your new family, while supporting your surrogate as she adjusts to her home life again. 

Managing your surrogacy with a family member or friend

Sometimes, as friends and family members learn that you are thinking about surrogacy, a friend or family member will come forward and offer to carry your child for you. They may not want to be a surrogate for a stranger, but they would for you. We can help support this process from a professional standpoint.

Although your friend or family member will likely have carefully considered their offer before speaking to you, it still takes time to make sure this is right for you all. Having a facilitator can help you to cover the key topics and areas where you might not yet be on the same page.

In our role to help you manage your surrogacy arrangement, a mediator would meet with you and your surrogate, separately, to ensure you fully understand the implications of your collaboration. We will advise you on the key topics that you would need to include in your agreement and lead you to a natural discussion so that ultimately your agreement document is one that you are all comfortable with.

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Matching and management for international surrogacy:

The US & Canada

There are a number of destinations outside the UK that offer surrogacy as a way to complete your family – some regulated, some unregulated and most evolving. The most established is the US and we have a long-standing history of working successfully with professional surrogacy organisations in the US. Canada is becoming a more popular destination and together with the US, we offer a service project-managing surrogacy journeys.

The US has offered compensated surrogacy for nearly 20 years and has a solid legal structure in many states, with many clinicians and attorneys having years of experience and specialist knowledge in surrogacy. Canada similarly has a strong legal backdrop and encourages uncompensated surrogacy.

For our international matching and management, we will discuss the aspects of the US and Canada to find the one that suits you as intended parents. From there we handhold and project manage you through your surrogacy.

Understanding the legal implications of international surrogacy will be a fundamental part of your journey and our sister organisation NGA Law will help you unravel this.

We offer impartial advice working with only the best organisations who have a tried and tested reputation as leaders in their field. We will introduce you the professional partners for you, make sure you have the right legal advice in light of that country and UK law, ensure that you have worked through key budgetary and logistical considerations and support you from the outset to after your baby is born and you return to the UK.

Find out more about surrogacy abroad:

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You can find out more about our surrogates in the UK if you are considering the UK to find your surrogate, or you can contact our team to book an Options Review meeting if you are unsure where you would like to undertake your surrogacy journey.

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