Lesbian mums

Lesbian Mums

Surrogacy is where another woman carries your child for you without intending to be a parent herself. If you are conceiving a child together and one of you is carrying the other's biological child with you both intending to be parents, that is co-maternity or shared motherhood rather than surrogacy or egg donation (whatever some fertility clinics may call it).

If neither of you is able to carry a pregnancy, you may need the help of a surrogate to conceive.  If one of you provides the eggs, then you can both ultimately become the legal parents by applying for a parental order in the same way as other intended parents; if not, the law is much more complicated. It is important to take legal advice to understand how all this works.

Once you have clarified the legalities, the next step is to arrange a surrogacy options review with us (or you can do this jointly with legal advice from a solicitor at NGA Law).  We can meet with you face to face at our offices in the New Forest or London or arrange a Skype or telephone meeting.  There will be various issues to think through, including whether to look in the UK or abroad, and who to work with.  We will talk through your circumstances, and help you to consider all your options in the UK and worldwide.  Which is the right path for you is a very personal choice, but we will help you to make the right decision with the information that you need at your fingertips.  

UK surrogacy

We offer a matching and management service for surrogacy in the UK (if we have surrogates available) to match you with a screened and fully-prepared surrogate and to support you through every step of the journey. We also offer a surrogacy support service if you are working with someone you already know and want professional support through the process. Find out more about our UK surrogacy process.

It is very important, if you are working with a UK surrogate, that she fully understands the legal complexities before agreeing to proceed.

Surrogacy in the US

We offer a management service for US surrogacy which helps you draw together the whole process from identifying a cluster of organisations to work with to helping you with the logistics along the way to bringing home your baby.  Find out more about our US surrogacy process.

From time to time we offer information sessions where our US partners are on hand to answer your questions face-to-face before you get started. Please contact us if you would like to be invited to one of our information sessions.