Intended Parent/s

Helping you to navigate surrogacy and build your family

We provide a personal approach to helping you to build your family through surrogacy. With any surrogacy journey there will be issues to deal with - even well-laid plans can go off course, and nature is not always predictable. It is our job to help you create strongly-grounded foundations so that key decisions are made early on. And if things go awry, we are on hand to stablise and get you back on track sensitively and carefully, so that you can focus on what's really important to you. Our team understands the highs and lows and will be there to support you through both.

Who are you as Intended Parents?

We can advise and support you no matter who you are as parents, but there are ways in which who you are affects your surrogacy options in the UK and internationally. You can find out more about how surrogacy works for you by looking at the following pages:

Gay Dads    Mums & Dads    Single Dad   Single mum    Lesbian Mums

Need to know more about surrogacy? Book an Options Review

Surrogacy in the UK is firmly on the map and is only going to get easier as the law changes and catches up. But in the meantime, there are still obstacles to work around and each journey is unique and personal to each family created.

An Options Review Meeting will help you understand what kinds of decisions you need to make before embarking on surrogacy and in light of those decisions, which destinations are available to you.  An Options Review meeting covers:

  • Embryo creation and what to consider
  • How to find a surrogate in the UK
  • How to find a surrogate abroad
  • Practicalities around the legal framework in the UK and abroad
  • Pros and cons of each destination
  • Costs and what to budget for

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