Write to your MP

We need your help to make change happen. Writing to your MP, to tell them why the law needs to change, can make a big difference. For those who need some guidance, we’re prepped this outline.

Surrogacy Reform: We Need Your Help!

How to write your letter

You can use this to write a letter or email to your MP, but personal stories carry the most weight, so make it your own. You can find out who your MP is and how to contact them here.

We also want to collate information to help our campaign, so let us know who you have written to and whether you get a reply - we will treat it in the strictest confidence. Thank you for your help!


Say that you are aware of the current UK law on surrogacy and that you are writing because it is failing you. Say that you are eager to know how the government is planning to help families, surrogates and children born through surrogacy.

My/our story

If you are a parent or an intended parent, consider the following:

  • Say why you needed a surrogate to help you build your family. If you do not yet have a child through surrogacy, what are your options for finding a surrogate? Would you rather stay in the UK or go overseas? What are the obstacles and challenges?
  • If you have a child through surrogacy, say how he or she was born. If you went through surrogacy overseas, what problems did you experience and what were the positives? Why did you decide to go abroad? How long did it take you to get home after your child was born? Would you have preferred to stay in the UK?
  • If you stayed in the UK, what were the good things about your journey and what problems or obstacles did you experience? How long did you wait to find a surrogate in the UK and how did you find her? Do you think the law should have given you more certainty?

If you are a surrogate, include your answers to the following:

  • Say why you decided to become a surrogate. What motivated you, and how do you feel about your experience so far?
  • If you are pregnant or have been a surrogate in the past, how did you match with your intended parents? What are/were the good things about your journey? What were the challenges?
  • If you are planning to be a surrogate, who would you like to match with and how will you make contact with them? What do you perceive to be the obstacles and challenges of becoming a surrogate in the UK?
  • Do you think the law should give you more certainty?

If you are a professional, it would be valuable to discuss:

  • Explain your experience of surrogacy and why you care about these issues.
  • Why you should support this campaign

What changes you want to see/why you support the call for change by Brilliant Beginnings

Tell your MP that you support the campaign for surrogacy law reform being expressed by surrogacy organisations, and in particular the call by Brilliant Beginnings for:

  • Legal parenthood to be settled before a child is born on the basis of what everyone intends and agrees
  • Ensuring the law reflects modern reality and includes all the families created through surrogacy
  • Fast British passports issued for children born overseas
  • An end to the unworkable restrictions on advertising to support UK surrogacy better
  • Explain what a difference any or all of these goals would make to you personally, and to others.
  • Ask your MP to contact the appropriate government minister and ask them to keep you updated.

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