Law Commission surrogacy project

The Law Commissions of England and Wales, and Scotland, are, until 11 October, consulting on UK surrogacy law reform. Their provisional proposals are positive and, if passed, will enable intended parents to be recognised as legal parents from birth in many surrogacy cases. But the detail is complex, with different legal paths in different situations, and the provisional proposals are not a done deal. The Law Commission's final report is expected to go to government in 2021, and the government will then decide whether to enact its recommendations. 

We need your help, to express support for positive reform and to give practical feedback to ensure any new law works in practice. Your voices will have a pivotal impact on how the proposals evolve and whether they ultimately become law. Please do get involved, whether you are a parent through surrogacy (UK or international), an intended parent, a surrogate, a lawyer, a fertility clinician, counsellor or anyone else involved in surrogacy.

If you have time, read the full consultation document – it is an impressive and thorough review of the current surrogacy law and practice, its history, the ethical issues and debates. But with 475 pages of text and 118 consultation questions to respond to, you may not have time to review the whole thing. 

So we have created some guidance with five easy steps to help you respond to the consultation. Please do what you can – you can answer the questions that are most relevant to you and you do not need to respond to every one (though be assured that we will be giving detailed responses to each and every question).

Step 1: Read our summary of the Law Commission proposals 

Get your head around what the Law Commission is proposing as to how UK law should change for UK and international surrogacy with our brief summary.

Step 2: Read our guidance on responding 

Think about your key messages and how to ensure your response has the biggest impact with our guidance on responding effectively.

Step 3: Review the consultation questions

Work out which questions you want to answer to share your voice, using our list of the consultation questions summarised in plain English by subject. 

Step 4: Submit your response before 11 October 2019

Complete the consultation questions you wish to respond to via the Law Commission's online consultation portal.

Step 5: Attend one of the Law Commission’s consultation events to give your views in person

The Law Commission are hosting events around the country as part of their consultation. You can sign up here if you want to attend to learn more and share your views in person:

16:30, Tuesday 3 September – Birmingham

16:30, Monday 9 September – Edinburgh

13:00, Tuesday 10 September – Aberdeen

16:30, Tuesday 17 September – Belfast

16:30, Thursday September 19 – London

If you want our help, please contact us at or We are also collecting views from our clients and others we work with to inform our response so do let us know your thoughts.