Our team

Helen Prosser

Helen ProsserCaring, energetic and creative, Helen has worked professionally in the field of fertility, donation and surrogacy for a decade. She is a member of the HFEA's National Donation Strategy Group (an advisory committee of national egg/sperm donation experts hand-picked by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), one of the few international members of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproduction and Technology Committee, and a former trustee of the National Gamete Donation Trust.

As a director of the UK’s leading fertility law firm, she has long experience managing professional services for families created through assisted reproduction, as well as supporting campaigning and policy work on surrogacy and donation.

Helen is a CEDR accreditated mediator. 

She has participated in leading international conferences on surrogacy and has an extensive network of contacts with agencies, medics and lawyers, in the UK and internationally.

She has two grown-up boys.

Natalie Gamble

Natalie GambleNatalie is known internationally, not only as the UK's leading fertility lawyer, but also for her gentle tenacity which has enabled much needed changes in the UK legal system. She has campaigned for many years for same-sex parents and fertility patients, winning key legal changes on surrogacy and donation both in Parliament and in the High Court, and representing the parents in virtually all the key court cases which have shaped UK law on international surrogacy.

She is a regular voice on the Today Programme and Woman’s Hour and has been quoted in Parliament, ranked in the Independent on Sunday's Pink List, invited to meet the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, and nominated for the Stonewall Hero of the Year Award. She works closely with charities such as the Donor Conception Network, Surrogacy UK and Stonewall and is a former trustee of Infertility Network UK.

She has two donor-conceived children as a same-sex parent, and has herself been an egg donor.

Stephen Ashe

Level-headed, professional and methodical, but ultimately down to earth, Stephen has a varied background in management and also as a police detective. He has two children through surrogacy, and is ultimately driven by the desire to help others achieve their dreams of having children. 

Stephen is involved in every aspect of supporting our  intended parents, offering support and guidance from the first point of contact onwards, and with responsibility for developing effective relationships with intended parents, surrogates and the professional partners we work with. He also supports our surrogate program, and believes passionately in helping to drive surrogacy law reform in the UK.

Gemma Hart-Dyke

Gemma Hart-DykeOutgoing, well organised and open-minded, 
Gemma’s focus is stabilising and supporting surrogacy 
relationships from start to finish, dealing with practical and emotional issues and working closely with intended parents and surrogates (and the professionals helping them). Gemma previously worked with both Helen and Natalie, and has more than 10 years’ experience in legal marketing, project management and professional client service. Her experience in managing relationships with empathy and adeptness gives our intended parents and surrogates the security of a truly safe pair of hands. 

Esther EzquerroEsther Ezquerro

Empathetic, focussed and positive thinking, Esther's aim is to ensure that once matched; surrogates and intended parents have everything they need for a smooth journey. Esther has previously worked within a family law team and prior to that an adoption and fostering agency which gave her the drive and tenacity to work towards helping create families. Esther has experience in project management, case support and legal assistance. Also having volunteered at Refugee Action and Citizens Advice, her professionalism, trustworthiness and approachability ensure that both intended parents and surrogates alike feel secure and actively and attentively supported.

Kirstie Porter

Kirstie looks after the day-to-day running of both our offices and supports all our client work, providing invaluable administrative support to the whole Brilliant Beginnings and Natalie Gamble Associates team.  Often the first point of contact, she is warm, understanding and personable. Having been part of the team since 2014 she is also knowledgeable about all areas of our work, and is exceptionally well organised with a keen eye for detail.

Rebecca AlbrowRebecca Albrow

Becky joined our team in February 2017 to assist with the daily running of our office, with a particular focus on supporting the administration of our finances.  Positive and keen to learn, Becky has come to us with a scientific degree, and has a meticulous approach to detail which makes her a strong member of the administration team.

Kelly Blaxall

Joining the company in 2017, Kelly is the newest member of the admin team, providing invaluable support and attention to detail for both Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law. Kelly recently graduated with a  Psychology Degree and provides a level of empathy to the administrative role. Kelly has previous experience in both time-sensitive executive, and highly-emotive familial roles, making her a valuable member of the team.