Expenses for UK surrogates

circlesAs part of your arrangement you will need to agree  what the payments that you will receive from your intended parents. We can give you some guidance and practical support as part of our support.

How much is reasonable?

It is a popular misconception that there is a fixed amount (often said to be £15,000) which is the accepted figure for reasonable expenses for surrogacy in the UK. In fact, what is reasonable depends on the specifics of the case, and there are no set rules. The amount varies depending on your needs and circumstances, and is personal to every arrangement. As a surrogate you can expect to be reimbursed for your expenses including travel costs, treatment costs, maternity clothes, childcare costs and any loss of earnings. This might be agreed as a lump sum or paid for individually.

If your intended parents agree to pay you more than your reasonable expenses, this needs to be taken into account in the parental order application after the birth (which is the process by which the intended parents become the legal parents), because the court will have to authorise the payment.

Dealing with payments in practice

Expenses should always be agreed in advance and put in writing (even if any contract is not legally binding under UK law). This helps to give you confidence in the arrangement and sets the right foundations of commitment and clarity.

We can also help with practical options for how to manage the payments through the journey, to avoid this becoming an awkward issue.