Single mums

Single MumEgg donation

You may have already been having treatment with donor sperm and now be considering conceiving with donor eggs.  Many single women look abroad for donor eggs at this stage, and then find that this means that both donors have to be anonymous.  We may be able to help you to avoid the dilemma, by helping you to find a UK egg donor who is identifiable under UK law.

If you wish, you can register with us to try and help you to find a suitable egg donor.  We offer a highly personal UK egg donation service, providing practical and emotional support through the treatment process, acting as a personal go-between where needed, and working with leading UK fertility clinics.  We look after your egg donor to make sure that the process is as easy and uncomplicated as possible.


Surrogacy for single women is, sadly, extremely complex because of the way that UK law works (and the fact that the surrogate is always treated as the legal mother).  We are campaigning to change this but, in the meantime, we recommend legal advice first so that you are fully informed of the issues before deciding to embark on a surrogacy journey.   

We will match you with a UK surrogate only if there is a clear legal solution in place, and everyone involved is fully informed.  In practice, surrogacy for single women is generally only workable in the UK in quite specific circumstances.