Surrogacy options review

pregnant surrogateIf you are considering surrogacy, it may be difficult to know where to start.  How do you find a surrogate?  Should you look in the UK or abroad?  How do you know which organisations are legitimate and reliable? 

Our surrogacy options review is a safe and impartial first port of call.  We will sit down with you (either face to face at our offices in the New Forest or London, or by telephone or Skype if more convenient) to explore your circumstances confidentially and to help you weigh up the pros and cons of all the options available to you in the UK and worldwide.  This can take up to two hours and we will always let you have a detailed letter following our discussions to help you settle your thoughts.  

Our team has experience of the full range of surrogacy options, including UK surrogacy organisations, independent surrogacy in the UK, friends and family, and overseas arrangements in India, the Ukraine, the USA and many other countries.  We can help you decide on the right path for you, as well as answering your questions and helping you consider the implications for your future family. 

We also recommend that you have legal advice.  A solicitor from the team at Natalie Gamble Associates would be happy to see you when you meet us if you wish, but there is no obligation and you can work with another lawyer if you prefer.

The cost of our options review is £500 plus VAT.