Lesbian mums

Lesbian MumsEgg donation

You may have already been having treatment with donor sperm and now be considering conceiving with donor eggs.  Some lesbian couples look abroad for donor eggs at this stage, and then find that this means that both donors have to be anonymous.  We may be able to help you to avoid the dilemma, by helping you to find a UK egg donor who is identifiable under UK law.

If you wish, you can register with us to try to help you to find a suitable egg donor.  We offer a highly personal egg donation service.  We provide practical and emotional support through the treatment process, acting as a personal go-between where needed, and working with leading UK fertility clinics.  We look after your egg donor to make sure that the process is as easy and uncomplicated as possible.


If neither of you is able to carry a pregnancy, you may need the help of a surrogate to conceive.  This is legally straightforward if one of you is able to provide the eggs.  Surrogacy combined with egg donation is, however, extremely complex for lesbian couples because of the way that UK law works (and the requirement for at least one of you to be a genetic parent). 

The first step is to arrange a surrogacy options review with us.  We can meet you face to face at our offices in the New Forest or London, or if this is not possible, we can arrange a Skype or telephone meeting.  We will talk through your circumstances, and help you to consider all your options.  Which is the right path for you is a very personal choice, but we will help you to make the right decision with all the information that you need at your fingertips.

If you wish, you can register with us to help you arrange your surrogacy.  We offer a matching and management service for surrogacy in the UK (if we have surrogates available) to help you find a surrogate and support you through the process, or a surrogacy support service if you have already found a surrogate but would like professional support through the process.  We also offer a management service for US surrogacy which helps you draw together the whole process.