Surrogacy costs

circles 5We can help you to put together a personal budget for your surrogacy route. US surrogacy journeys involve different types of costs from UK surrogacy journeys (and are typically more costly).  Whichever route you choose, it is important to budget for all the costs without overlooking anything. We can help work this out with you, but here are some general guidelines. 

UK surrogacy

It is for you to agree with your surrogate what payments should be made to her.  Expenses should always be agreed in advance and put in writing (even though any contract is not legally binding under UK law).

It is a popular misconception that there is a fixed amount (often said to be £15,000) which is the accepted figure for reasonable expenses for surrogacy in the UK. In fact, there are no set rules and what is reasonable varies depending on your surrogate's circumstances.  You can expect to reimburse your surrogate for her expenses including travel costs, treatment costs, maternity clothes, childcare costs and any loss of earnings. This might be agreed as a lump sum or paid for individually. If you pay your surrogate more than her reasonable expenses, the court will have to consider whether to authorise the payment when you apply for your parental order after the birth.  We recommend that you seek legal advice about the court's approach.

You will also need to account for your fertility treatment costs and any legal fees if you update your wills or want support with your parental order application.

circlesUS surrogacy

If you are considering a US surrogacy arrangement, you can expect to pay your surrogate an inconvenience fee (of typically $20,000 to $35,000) in addition to any out of pocket expenses.  This will be enshrined in a legally-binding surrogacy contract which is enforceable in the USA.  The US attorneys we work with have long experience of handling surrogacy arrangements, and will help you to negotiate the terms of your US surrogacy agreement. US agencies also typically manage the payments to surrogates.

Although it is not illegal for intended parents to enter into a US surrogacy agreement in the USA, the UK court will have to decide whether to authorise the payments made to the US surrogate and agency in order to grant a parental order.  Although there is now an established pathway through the High Court (with no applications refused), you should make sure that you understand the legal issues beforehand as each case is looked at individually. 

You will also need to put together a careful budget for all the other costs involved, which may include US agency and attorney fees, fertility treatment costs, compensation to your egg donor (if appropriate), health insurance costs and UK legal and immigration fees.  

Our fees

We charge a fixed fee for our surrogacy options review, and then a further fixed fee for our support with your journey if you want our help going forward.  There are no registration or membership fees attached to our services.  Our fees are charged on a staged basis, so that you pay for our support through each part of the journey as it progresses.  Please feel free to call us and we can discuss this further with you.

We are a non profit-making agency, and every penny we receive from you is spent on providing the best possible service, and campaigning for the wider good.