What we do

Support for intended parentsballoons

We guide and support UK intended parents through surrogacy with our:

  • Surrogacy options review - impartial advice on all the options in the UK and worldwide
  • UK surrogacy - matching with UK surrogates (and support through to the birth), support through to the birth for parents/ surrogates who have already found each other
  • US surrogacy - support with all the elements of US surrogacy from choosing an agency to coming home as parents.

Campaigning for all alternative families

We campaign to raise awareness and influence change by:

  • Challenging preconceptions and promoting a positive picture of surrogacy and egg donation
  • Influencing law, policy and practice to improve and simplify the experience of UK surrogacy and egg donation
  • Working with other organisations involved in surrogacy and donation, including the National Gamete Donation Trust, Surrogacy UK, the Donor Conception Network, Fertility Network UK, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, Stonewall and PrideAngel.