About Brilliant Beginnings

Creating UK families through surrogacy

about us We were founded in 2013 as a non-profit UK surrogacy agency, the first to be professionally run in the UK and the first to offer a fully managed surrogacy service for surrogates and parents. We support surrogates and parents involved in gestational surrogacy arrangements in the UK, and we support U.K. parents going overseas for surrogacy. Our work has been featured in The Times and in British Vogue.

Together with our sister organisation NGA Law (the UK's first fertility law firm), our team has been at the forefront of UK surrogacy for many years, creating more than 800 families and shaping UK law. Our work has involved us in every kind of private, agency and international surrogacy arrangement, giving us a unique perspective on how things work. We found that our clients needed more than just legal help, and wanted us to share our practical experience and knowledge of reputable organisations in the UK and abroad. 

We have also led the UK campaign for surrogacy law reform since 2007, already winning positive changes to the law on surrogacy including on embryo storage, maternity leave and rights for single parents.

Our values

We believe that, with the right support, surrogacy can be managed legally, ethically and responsibly, with all those involved feeling rightly proud of the family they are creating. 

Brilliant Beginnings is a non profit-making professional surrogacy agency. We are based wholly in the UK, and we work in compliance with the restrictions of UK law.  Every penny we earn is spent on providing the best possible service, and campaigning for the wider good.  We have a prominent reputation for championing the interests of non-traditional families, having spoken out and helped change law and policy over many years.